Dead Before Morning


Rafferty & Llewellyn British Mystery Series


Geraldine Evans

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This novel is written in British English and uses this language version’s spelling and slang. You will find a list of these at the end of this book for any with which you are unfamiliar.




'Is it yourself?'

Detective Inspector Joseph Aloysius Rafferty winced as his mother's voice threatened to pierce his eardrum. And, although briefly tempted to plead not guilty, he had perforce to agree that yes, it was himself. Surely, he demanded of his reflection in the hall mirror, a hangover, a murder and his mother all in one morning were more than any man should be expected to cope with? Especially at six thirty and after less than four hours sleep. 'I can't stop, Ma. Sergeant Llewellyn will be picking me up any minute.'

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