Today, in 2009, we face a perfect storm of problems, unprecedented in human history. The American economy is in shambles, attempting to recover from many problems caused by the poor economic decisions of multiple generations. This in turn, has rippled into a worldwide ‘recalibration’. People across the globe are dying from starvation, extreme poverty, a lack of clean water, preventable and curable disease, slavery and war. Climate change, and its destructive potential, is on the mind of anyone who has access to media. Any one of these problems could take a world’s resources to solve. Trying to resolve them all at once seems as impossible as putting the first man on the moon in just 8 years.

Apollo 11 clearly showed that by taking continual, carefully planned steps and accepting the risks involved, even accepting that some may have to sacrifice everything for the project, a wholly new paradigm can supplant the currently accepted worldview. Multiple paradigm shifts will be required if mankind is to overcome today’s problems.

Many people across the globe sense impending evolutionary growth in that most precious of all resources, human consciousness. Indeed, it seems as if our consciousness must evolve, in order to deal with the great issues of today. The obvious question everyone asks is, “What will life look like after we solve these problems?” 2020 Vision offers a few paradigm shifts that address our major issues. Time is short, and we must evaluate options we may never have considered before. Please think about these solutions with an open mind. We must seek solutions that are outside the box, solutions that may at first seem ‘impossible’ or even ‘un-American’. Think about what is presented here; discuss these ideas with your friends and family. Come upon your own ideas and begin to share them with others. The only future that is certain is that inaction will leave us on the path we see before us today. Most of us can agree; that path is not one we want to tread. Open your mind, your heart and your soul and discover new ways of relating to each other and the world around you. Affirm your values, act on your inner wisdom. Together, let’s begin to craft a future we love.

Challenge: Economics

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