The Agency

Ann Knightingale


"I'm going to start by dipping your no good sorry butts in this vat of acid," Dr. Sunder cackled. He is a short man that has dark hair and not much of a profile. He has a pretty good beard growing so I can't see most of his face. Of course being hung by my wrists way above his head doesn't help either. I am right now dangling over a vat of green acid, that as soon as he lets me go I will plummet in to the vat and have my skin eaten off my bones all while I am inhumanely conscious. Usually I'm just fighting for an apple or something. Yeah, okay so I'm a street rat. I ran away on cocaine high. Now I along with two other girls am going to be sizzled.

"You know, if you do that you can't really torture us for information stupid," I shoot at him hopefully able to stall for time till I come up with a plan to save the three of us.

"Yes, but that doesn't matter to me right now. I can still get the information I desire elsewhere. I can still kill you and not care one way or another, “Sunder shoots back. I still don't understand what information he is talking about. I am still not sure how he found me or where we are. I just know that I couldn't go back home knowing I would be sent to one of those sober up programs and it wasn't even me who slipped Cocaine in to my soda glass.

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