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Praise for

No Time To Waste

“…a gripping tale of a symbiotic relationship of two men from two different generations, who fought in different wars, who then were bound together by special circumstances separated by distance and time. Not only will you be moved by stirring accounts of horrific battles, amazing acts of heroism, and close calls on different battlefields, you will also be amazed by reflections that can only be fully appreciated and celebrated in the light of a backward glance at God's providence. But being saved from the battles of this world cannot compare with being saved from the grip of spiritual death. Be ready to marvel at how God's sovereign grace conquered the hearts of self-made, self-satisfied men, who then gladly submitted to their loving and mighty Savior. But there is also the riveting story of the transformation of Jack Bennett, from decorated warrior of his country to faithful soldier of Christ. You will not waste your time, but in fact, redeem it, by reading this book.” Dr. Dominic Aquila, President, New Geneva Theological Seminary, Colorado Springs, CO

...things about this book (such as the unusual journal format, the biographical thrust of the stories, and the powerful interwoven biblical truths) may speak for themselves or be addressed by others, but for me one thought was relentless through the whole.  Sometimes the thought was accompanied with tears and some-times with laughter, but always the thought ‘Thank you, Lord, for your grace to and through these men. Truly, they are like those of whom you have said, ...the world is not worthy...’ (Hebrews 11:38).” Reverend Mo Up De Graf, Retired Administrator, Ridge Haven Conference Center and Retreat, NC

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