By: Helen Keating

© 2014 Quietly Blessed and Loved Press

Smashwords Edition

Rachel Fisher’s Life-Changing Decision, is the story of a young woman with a powerful decision to make. Should she leave her family, her community and her church for a young man she loves and who also must leave his community because he wants to get away from his father and get a job with the English as a horse trainer? As always, Rachel relies on God’s guidance and love to make the best choice possible for herself and Samuel, the man she has fallen deeply in love with.

RACHEL MOVED QUICKLY down the sidewalk, knowing her father would be angry, if their return to the farm was delayed because of her foolishness. Abraham Fisher was a just man, but rigidly strict and Rachel was certain he would not have approved of her lingering outside the bookstore instead of returning directly to the Amish store from the quilt shop where she had purchased some thread for her mother.

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