Thank you to my brother Mike Nubie, my son Mike Nubie, my Dad Joe Nubie and brother Joe Nubie, my son Danny and my daughter Anna and her husband Andrés, my wife Jan, Bill Stone, Ron Mulchala, Dick Helland, Tom Charvat, Pat Rice, Bob Jones, Ron Ferrara, Bill Parker, Mark Reynolds, Dick Daniels, Bob Ebel, Roy Muldoon, Allen Klein, Joe Caniano, Ogden Parsons, Dave Antolak, Grandpa Ira Nubie, Ron Chancey, Angelo Antonucci, and many other merry men who taught me some of the finer and some not so subtle intricacies of grillin', simmerin', roastin' and toastin'.


Chapter 1

The Wild & Wonderful Barbecued Pork Shoulder

Chapter 2

Why Men Fry Turkeys

Chapter 3

The Robinhood Feast

Chapter 4

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