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Chapter One

"What are you doing in town?" Joe asked as he pulled her by the hand inside his office and gently touched his lips to hers in a kiss that promised heaven.

Elizabeth pulled slightly away long enough to tell him, "My father is playing poker, and I'm to drive him home. He thinks I'm attending a quilting party."

"Quilting huh. I like you better right here," Joe grinned, smothering her with another gentle kiss. His hands merely circled her small waist.

"Me too," she barely uttered as she nearly gasped for breath. "So when are you going to tell my father…"

"Tell him what," he muttered softly as his lips grazed the tip of her nose and over her delicate eyelids, long enough to grin down at her.

She pulled away and swatted him with her glove. "He's on to us you know?"

"I know, and I've taken up the law books too, like you suggested. But I don't want to wait too long to marry you, Elizabeth. If he says no, will you run away with me?" Joe coaxed her lips apart again.

After engaging in one kiss after another, she whispered against his lips, "You know I will. I want to be your wife Joe…"

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