Step Lust: Interracial Love Session (Taboo Stepfamily Erotica)


Dena Morris

Copyright 2014 Happy Light Press

Smashwords Edition

All sexually active characters are over 18.

Step Lust: Interracial Love Session (Taboo Impregnation Erotica) is the story of a one young man who cannot hold back his desires for a young woman and her friend. After getting to know each other, he organizes a party, and a few weeks later the woman finds out that she will

soon have a surprise package of her own.

“Get in here!” Angel shouted the order from the shower. Doug stepped out of his muddy jeans and shorts, leaving them next to her dirt-speckled tracksuit and his stepsister Sadie's soaked running shorts and vest. He rushed to join the girls under the hot spray.

Angel was soaping her breasts and neck, laughing now, satisfied that he had finally done what she wanted, whereas Sadie stood pouting with her back to the wall.

Doug kept his hands over his cock, but he didn't know how long he could keep his erection contained. Angel's ass was round and full. She had said once that it was an ass made for riding--motorbikes and boys. Thinking of that now, his cock hardened until it was painful.

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