Shadows In The Night


By Andreas Haaken Copyright 2014 Andreas Haaken

Smashwords Edition

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Shadows In The Night: Wretch

Her fingers slowly ran down the center of her chest caressing her soft pink skin. Several strands of blonde hair drifted across her eyebrows showing her deep brown eyes glinting in the lamp light. Her fingers form a cup around her left breast. She squeezes gently as she glides her other hand across her ribs. Her breasts are small but large enough to fill up her own hand. Feeling her ribs on her small frame she closes her eyes moves her hand to the top edge of her blue panties.

She lifts the edge with the tip of her painted nails and pushes her hand underneath feeling the warmth of her excited and wet slit. Slowly she moves her fingers up and down causing her legs to wave in and out with her breathing. She squeezes her breast harder as her rhythm quickens. Small gasps of air escape her lips while her fingers dance a shorter, faster rhythm.

Moments pass while she continues to indulge her pleasure her legs spread wide putting her feet together with her knees in the air. Faster now, her bed starts to squeak slightly as she comes to her final feverish speed. Gripping her nipple hard she gives the final moments of her ecstasy a mad dash of rubbing. When she climaxes she arches her lower back upwards lifting her behind off the bed releasing several moans of joy.

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