Step Desires: Hooking Up With The Caregiver (Taboo Stepfamily Erotica)


Dena Morris

Copyright 2015 Happy Light Press

All sexually active characters are over 18.

Step Desires: Hooking Up With The Caregiver, is a story about a young woman wanting to make some babysitting money and make love for the first time, before she goes off to college and when she gets a look at the new neighbor moving in across the street, vows to make him her first man. Immediately seducing him, she is willing to let the handsome, single, older man have his way with her and later, finds that going off to college may not be her first priority after all.

“Why don’t you just do it! Get it over with and then you'll know what all the fuss is about?" I couldn't exactly deny her reasoning. Ever since I turned eighteen a few days ago, I had been thinking about just doing it, but I just couldn't see myself going through with that, unless it was with the right man. The right man for me, not just anybody.

“I can’t do it with just any man and I know that might mean waiting a long time, but I think in the long term it will be worth it.”

“Vy, I’ve had sex several times and I have to tell you that the first time is the most painful, but after that the pleasure is nothing that you can imagine. No matter who it is with.”

Tara was my best friend and I’ve heard all of her exploits in vivid detail, so much so that I would usually use my fingers on myself when she went home after visiting me.

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