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Rhinehoth is a great German castle that was converted in the late 1930s to a Stalag for war criminals of World War II. The converted prison’s modern day inhabitants are relentlessly tortured, starved and sleep deprived. This contributes to the prisoners’ delusional visions that help hide the truth and keeps Rhinehoth’s secrets. Their captors are the army of Werewolves who have survived the centuries off the very flesh and blood of Germany’s worst forgotten criminals.

Simon, imprisoned becomes plagued with visions from his subconscious ancient past with confusion of his modern day consciousness. He discovers through his visions that he is the ancient warrior, Guthrie who has come to free the Vampire Prince and all the captives while saving the world from a dark plan of biblical proportions that has been orchestrated over the centuries!

A Special Thank you to the following:


Andrea Róbert

Cover Artist:

Michael McAlick

Cover Design:

Brian E. Niskala & Prabhu Dorairag

Layout Artist:

Srinivasa Raja Iyengar

The following especially helped in my research for Literary Agents, Publishers and everything else I needed help with during the process of my insanity/writing.

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