The Goob Factor


Jody Kihara

Parents… school… friends… bullies… fourteen years old is a tough age to be. Especially if your name is Gooby.

Like most teenagers, Jay Gooby is convinced he has it worse than anyone else. His parents don’t fit the normal mold, and he has endured a lifetime of merciless teasing – especially at the hands of his lifelong enemy, Mike Thornley. But Jay has to take on more than just school and hockey when two major events take place: his parents adopt a special needs child, and a freak accident occurs at the hockey rink. Life sure can get a lot more complicated… and at the same time, a lot simpler.

Star Magnolia Publishing
Smashwords Edition
©2005 Jody Kihara

ISBN 978-0-9813111-2-8

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