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An Anniversary to Remember

Opening the bathroom door I stepped out into my bedroom and, immediately turning slightly to the side, pushed my hip up, my chest out and whispered seductively;

Hey big brother you like what you see?”

I was wearing a denim mini skirt that was so short that, in addition to showing off the full length of my long well shaped deeply tanned legs, just angling my hip up all but showed the curve of my well rounded ass cheek. Not only that but if I were to bend over completely, I would be giving anyone behind me one hell of a show, as all that was underneath, was the lacy blue thong that I had bought last week just for tonight, that left my ass cheeks bare. Of course, those legs may only be noticed, if my brother happened to start at the bottom because I am sure that as soon as he got a look at my small but very perky tits pushing their way out of the flimsy white tank top he would lose all desire to look anywhere else. Well that's what I was hoping anyways. Right now however, the only audience I had was the mirror over my bureau that I was posing in front of. With a sigh I bent over, putting my hands on my thighs, and squeezing my arms together, forced my titties out further and while pushing my full soft lips into a pout I whispered;

"Oh please big brother? Oh you know you want to!"

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