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To quote from the California edition of the American Guide Series, “romance has been kept in its place. . .” The intent of this guide is to provide information about the historic sites, towns, and landmarks along the chosen routes, and to provide background information and stories for what lies in-between. It is not our desire to dramatize the history or expand on it in any way. We believe that the character and culture of Chicago, and our country as a whole, can speak for itself. The guide has been created, not for just travelers new to the city, but for current residents who may not realize what lies just around the corner in their own neighborhood. The goal of Caddo Publications USA is to encourage the exploration of the rich history that many of us drive by on a regular basis without any sense it existed, and to entertain and educate so that history will not be lost in the future.

This Historical Cities-Seattle and Tacoma, Washington guide utilizes the original text provided in Washington-A Guide to the Evergreen State, originally published in 1941. The only changes to the historical text are edits due to the passing of time. In addition to the original text compiled by the Federal Writers Project, this guide also provides additional historic sites and landmarks and GPS coordinates for the benefit of the latest technologies.

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Points of Interest

Seattle Downtown

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