A Young Woman’s Fantasies With Two Older Men (Taboo Impregnation Erotica)


Dena Morris

Copyright 2014 Happy Light Press

A Young Woman’s Fantasies With Two Older Men, is the story of one young woman who has dreamed about making love while she was out of it, but never thought it would happen even though she had expressed her desires in front of her two roommates. One night, they hatch a plan and after eating pizza then drugging her, and getting her mumbled and half-asleep okay, the two older men take all that they want from their roommate and then plan when they’ll do it next. They believe she has no clue about the sex but a few weeks later there’s an incident and she confronts them.

Colby came through the door to find his two roommates watching TV together. Brady was in his recliner and Tara was sitting on the couch, fidgeting with her long black hair while she watched the movie with him. A half-eaten pizza sat in the middle of the coffee table.

"Hey guys, where's the pizza from?"

"I got my check today, so I bough it for all of us" Brady, his long-time roommate, replied. He was referring to his social security check. He was sixty-five, ten years older than Colby and retired.

"Oh cool. Thanks." Colby smiled. "I'll get some soda for all of us."

He went into the kitchen and poured some soda into three glasses. Colby took a little white pill from his pocket and dropped it into one of them, watching it fizz a little. He sniffed the glass to make sure it smelled just like ordinary soda, but he didn't taste it. When it was fully dissolved, he took all three glasses back to the living room.

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