I know that anyone who has not had this type of experience is very skeptical of accounts of those who do have a NDE. I had never even heard of such a thing in detail before I had my last 'encounter'. Since then, I have found and studied many accounts of NDE's, with mostly similar accounts of the experience. Scientific doctors attribute this 'phenomenon' to chemical reactions in the brain as a way for the human mind to lessen the effects of dying, a dream. But I can attest, a NDE is as real as any event or day in your life, and there is more beyond this physical life.

All I can do is tell you of my own experiences and the changes it has meant in my life. I am not writing this to change your thinking of what you believe to be true. I'm just laying out and relating what I have experienced and learned and you can make up your own mind as to what is true concerning an 'afterlife'.

I am just disappointed it took so long in my lifetime to understand what we really are, and what the future holds for most of us. My first experience was in 1963, but I would not know the details of that experience until 2007 when it was 'shown' to me. Talking about something that is so personal and life changing as having a NDE is almost like talking about flying saucers or Bigfoot, or any other controversial subject. There are skeptics as to anything that is not considered the norm nor has scientific proof. Although not everyone will have a UFO or Bigfoot sighting, I guarantee you all will have this experience in the afterlife when your physical body dyes. Until that time, there will always be skeptics.


Most describe their NDE in a similar fashion. As implied, NDE is a 'near death experience', in which an individual either temporarily dyes, or is near death from a traumatic event. This can happen in several ways; an accident, sickness, or on the operating table. Many say they first have an OBE (out of body experience), where their 'soul' leaves their body and floats above their physical presence. Most are able to describe in great detail what is being done to their bodies by the attending physicians. Most say they look on with interest at what is being done to their bodies and then they simply wander out of the building floating up towards the heavens.

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