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Earlier that night, Abigail had witnessed a television broadcast by the President addressing the public. The President solemnly informed the nation that within the past week temperatures had reached an all time high, brush fires have been erupting all over the world, people are dropping from heat stroke, and as a people they must unify to battle against global climate change immediately. Abigail watched in shock. Although, she could feel the sudden change in temperature, she was unaware that it was as widespread as she had just learned.

Abigail was considered to be one of the leading researchers on the global climate change issue, and she had been researching the subject for well over ten years. Abigail was up to date on all the happenings, up to one week ago, when she had to take off work when she came down with the flu. What shocked her about the broadcast was the spontaneity of the change. She knew that temperature changes were gradual, but recently, the temperatures shot up by thirteen degrees Fahrenheit from the week earlier, and twenty one degrees Fahrenheit from the previous year’s April average. These numbers were unheard of, and this was the cause for Abigail loosing sleep. Abigail knew that a sudden spike in the temperatures was means for concern, and not just because of fires and fainting, but for what truly caused it. A cause, that Abigail was not sure of, but she knew it was well worth worrying about.

Now, hours into the night, and Abigail knew she would have to return to work tomorrow, whether or not she was feeling over her ailments. Abigail needed to go to work; she needed to sink her brain into the dramatic climate change. This was her life’s work, and this snuck up on her. Only a few hours until work, and still no sleep. Abigail tried to free her mind by staring up at the ceiling fan which rotated slowly above her. She focused on a singular blade as it cut through the air silently. Abigail could not help but wonder how effective the fan would be if the temperatures kept rising, only distributing warm air around the room. She squinted her eyes harshly at the thought, reprimanding herself for derailing back onto the train of thought of the news.

“You can do this,” Abigail said in a soft spoken gentle voice, “just a new hours of sleep so that you are not useless tomorrow.”

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