A Man To Remember

By Mary Tate Engels

Published by Mary Tate Engels at Smashwords, all rights reserved.

Copyright 2015, Mary Tate Engels

Cover by www.digitaldonna.com

This eBook is a work of fiction written for your personal enjoyment. It may not be resold or given away. Names, characters, places and incidents are the products of the author's imagination.

Bristol Bordeaux, badass babe. . .

No moon lit the dark, misty night as Bristol Bordeaux, extraordinary investigator, slipped along the shadowy waterfront. She stopped for a brief second, listening, and shivered as a cold gust of air whipped around her skirt. Yes, someone was following her. A man, by the way his heels pounded the walkway. She scooted into the next doorway and pressed her slender body flat against the warehouse wall.

She could hear his staccato footsteps pausing, then continuing. Faster. Louder. Closer he came. After her.

Bristol looked around frantically for an escape. The door behind her was locked tight; the water in front of her was black, icy cold, and shark-infested. There was no place to hide. She backed farther into the corner, trying to blend with the shadows. Hoping he wouldn't see her.

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