My name is Kayla. Im 32. This is their revenge.

The sound of a leaky faucet made me jerk awake. I looked around....pointless, it was too dark. I tried to stretch and could not. My arms were tied behind my back. I was strapped to a chair. Then I heard laughing. Alot of laughing.I hear some one....or thing, messing with a light, the kind that hang from a string. then the light turned on and the most horrifying thing was brought into my area of sight. It was every on who I'd ever killed.

There was the older man who was raping his daughter. The little girl whose father I'd sent a warning to, that crooked ass lawyer, the cop who killed more people than he booked, the older woman who I felt needed to be put out of her misery, and......Justin.

Justin was my neighbors son when I was about 14. He used to baby sit me, and I had a crush on him. He was 18, and basically doing our parents a favor, as they had gone out to get drunk every weekend. HE was then man who i gave my innocence to. I let him have me.

That night he was late, and it pissed me off. I had gotten dressed in a purple lace teddy, with a matching thong set, and left the heels at the bedroom door. I slipped on a hoodie and some sweat pants so my parents wouldn't flip out. He came over 30 minutes after my mom and dad left. I met him at the door and looked at his face trying to make eye contact. "Why does it look like you've been crying?" He looked up and said "I just got in a fight with my girlfriend. We broke up." I couldn't help but smile inside. i was very satisfied. Be that as it may, I put on a shocked face and said "Oh, my God! are you okay...please come inside!"

He shook his head and said "Do you mind staying home by yourself tonight? I'm kinda not up to it." I threw on a sad face and said "I know we've did that before, but I'm a little scared 'cause I watched the exorcist earlier." He just nodded, sighed, then said "okay."

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