Shadows In The Night


By Andreas Haaken Copyright 2014 Andreas Haaken

Smashwords Edition

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The world is a dark and terrifying place, especially in the Ozark woods. Strange and mysterious creatures lurk behind every corner. Old folks use to say stay out of the woods at night or even on cloudy days because a dark beast will drag you to hell. Well I have no use for fairy tales dark and scary creatures of the night don’t scare me. Well I guess I should have listened.

I grew up in a small town right smack dab between Arkansas and Missouri. Half the town was Arkansas half the town was Missouri. I came from the Arkansas half, but don’t hold that against me. I went away to NYU for college, but I eventually came home to teach 5th grade. I really missed my small town. I found a nice cabin on the Missouri side that I settled into real easily. It was the end of June so I had some free time on my hands. Every morning I would go for a walk in the woods before the heat of the day set in, just to relax and enjoy my quiet existence. On this particular day a storm was brewing, but I decided that I could still make my walk.

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