Step Lust: Man Of The House, The Woman, & The Pastor (Taboo Stepfamily Erotica)


Dena Morris

Copyright 2015 Happy Light Press

Smashwords Edition

Note: All sexually active characters are over 18.

Synopsis: Step Lust; Man Of The House, The Woman, & The Pastor, is the story of a woman being sent off to the pastor because they are annoyed by her daily and early and very loud morning sexual fantasy sessions. They figure she’ll get pregnant soon and having a baby would quiet her down. However, she rapidly turns the tables and makes the situation suit her, and the ending may have surprised everyone when they first thought of the plot to try to make her more compliant--and silent.

Kit was deeply asleep yet something about her dream seemed strange but real. At eighteen years old, she was still a virgin, which was rare for a girl her age living in a big city.

The only sex she’d ever had was when she kissed a boy for the first time at age sixteen. Now, it seemed like she was ready to go all the way. As usual, she was sleeping in her panties, which enabled her hand to move around freely. She caressed her stomach before sliding down to her crotch. The feel of her silk panties gave her heightened sensations that drove her fingers down between her legs.

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