Descent Into Oblivion, After Stardom & Sex (Taboo Impregnation Erotica)


Dena Morris

Copyright 2015 Happy Light Press

Smashwords Edition

Note: All sexually active characters are over 18.

Synopsis: Descent Into Oblivion, After Stardom & Sex, is a story about a young woman who was the teen star of a religious TV show and who was canned after she turned 18 for being too old. Her costar gets intimate with her but she’s not thrilled with the entire scenario and goes home in a huff.

Some people are just naturally born into a whole heap of trouble. It ain't nobody's fault and it ain't something that they're necessarily going to be aware of until it's too late--and chances are, by then they don't have any time left to try to change things.

They can try to deny it, try to push it away, try to offset the nagging little pain gnawing at the back of their brains like a whole fleet of field mice, but sooner or later fate is going to catch up and knock 'em on their asses.

It's all smiles, guiles and wiles until you find yourself a sight and a disheveled mess, blubbering drunk, bleary eyed and smoke-voiced at three in the afternoon with four bastard brats sucking at your teat without one thin dime to your name.

It ain't pretty, but biology rarely is.

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