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Sparkle and the Insect Collector

Copyright © 2011 by Keith Hoare

Published by: Ragged Cover Publishing

at SmashWords

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission of the author.

ISBN 978-1-908090-17-1

Chapter 1

It is said that if fairies really existed, they'd be kind, considerate and often live in a hidden part of a garden or wood. They would also be able to do magic by waving their wand or sprinkling fairy dust and have the ability, at times, to offer wishes. But of course, those are the fairies portrayed in children’s books.

In the real world what can loosely be termed fairies, are basically tiny people, whose females have wings, where the males don’t. Their time on earth is measured in thousands of years, long before the larger race called humans appeared. They had, over that time, learned to be able to either talk or communicate in different ways with most of the animals and insects of the world. They also believe all the animals, birds and insects should spend their lives working for the good of the fairy community. That means the fairies don't need to work, food is brought for them and their circle is kept clean and have learned how to use a spider’s web to make fairy clothes for special occasions. Because of this attitude, all other life that inhabits the woods and gardens despises the fairy community, constantly seeking ways to make life as difficult as they can for the fairies.

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