This man was too…there. Too big, too intense and the temper that had driven her with Rodney had faded, sapping her courage with it. Now, as pale green eyes settled on her face, she swallowed.

He was going to say no. She could already see it.

With the last bit of nerve she had left in her, she forced one more smile. “You know what? Never mind.”

She went to brush past him and his hand caught her arm. “I hadn’t quite finished my drink. Why don’t you sit down with me?”

She tilted her head back and met his eyes. For one brief moment, that connection seemed to sizzle, seemed to burn. Sit down with him. Have a drink. Talk—talk about what?

In the span of what felt like minutes, her mind raced over what he’d consider the boring emptiness of her life. It would take up two minutes, he’d hurry through his drink and leave.

“Dance with me instead.”

For the second time that night—the third, the fourth?—she’d surprised herself, but as the music shifted into a slow song, she caught his hand and backed onto the dance floor just a few feet away. He didn’t budge at first. Maybe she should have just cut and run…

But in a rush, she found herself pressed up against him, one big hand flat against her spine while the other sought out hers and brought it up, twining their fingers together. Somebody bumped into her and she stumbled, bumped into him. “Ah…”

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