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Chapter I

{The Developing World}

It is just at the tail end of the ice age, a new world is emerging. A few animals live, but not in very large numbers around the globe. Years went by so slowly, the primitive people with their limited resources are having a hard time making it. Fire is just a recent discovery, and has made life easier for everyone. In time humans began to adapt to the cold temperatures, but their adaptation would be challenged once again when the surface of the land began to heat up. Through the sheets of ice a pool of water is awakened by the heat of the sizzling sun. Many of the local clans call it Artimus. Artimus provides the fish this ape man needs to maintain a proper diet. Cahia is a hunter who takes great pride in his work as a craftsman in spear heads. Much of his days are spent hunting out in fields of ice and snow. Lithie a close friend of Cahia, is sitting along the bank of the lake now chipping at thin stones, making spear heads for an upcoming hunt. Cahia is taking his time admiring his perfectly shaped tip of his spear head.

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