Born With It

By: Cindy Marie

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2003 Cindy Marie

Table of Contents


Dedication To The Artist

About the Author

Chapter 1…….Through My Eyes

Chapter 2…….Visions

Chapter 3…….Telepathy

Chapter 4…….Angels Are Everywhere

Chapter 5…….Elementals

Chapter 6…….Channeling

Chapter 7…….The Journey


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My heartfelt appreciation goes to the following;

God for giving me life, love and the opportunity to share so much with others,

The Ancient One for sharing his Great Wisdom and infinite knowledge with me,

My Angel Guides who have helped me and taught me so very much,

All the Gifted ones that came before me for sharing their own personal stories,

The First Temple Of Universal Law, For Keeping the Light Shining Brightly For All That Seek.

And Special thanks to My Family, who walk beside me on this journey.Thank you.

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