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And, we ain’t talking roofing

Gusdavis Aughtry

Dang, this is one painful "mother." The reason I'm writing this essay is to convey my experience with Shingles and encourage those who have not thought of this: get the Shingles shot! There's probably a lot of stuff out there on Shingles but I couldn't find it. At least not the sort of stuff that was helpful. Surely there's a blog somewhere but I couldn't locate it.

Without overwhelming you with terms, let me say that Shingles is related to the chicken pox virus (in the herpes family)—that's comforting. The body, according to my first doc, thinks it is doing you a favor. Well, I could have stood less help. What I've discovered and is pretty much agreed upon is that if you had chicken pox as a child, you stand a good chance of getting the Shingles when you pass that magical mark of 50 (although I’ve heard of small children getting it). Google Shingles.

At first, I thought it was poison oak. Why? Well, I hang out with these bunch of guys, 8 or so, mostly vets who have opinions about everything—God, man and the universe. One of them has a dog. I petted the dog, the dog has been in poison oak, the owner had some poison oak. OK. Poison Oak. Here's the point. Hauling ass to the doc quickly is a key. It appears that early detection and treatment makes for a good chance of a lighter case. And, I heard several fellow sufferers of Shingles say that it is often misdiagnosed, even by the professionals. So, involvement with your own health is no small thing. Well, I would say that about your health in general, stay involved. An aside but relevant. Have you seen that commercial where the guy is renting a car or some inane activity. He asked a million questions. The next scene he is in his hospital gown. We don't know why he's there but for surgery or something related. The doc says, "any questions?" His answer, NO! Amazing and very effective. And, we need to be asking questions.

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