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The Lawless Way …

An history, a possible future and living right now

Philip J Bradbury

Praise for Philip J Bradbury’s books

Philip’s articles have always been refreshing and amusing to read as he combines both the serious and humorous sides of life in a blend of words that only he would dare to write. Some of his insights and philosophies are similar to other authors I have read in the past, but he has a few new thoughts as well. Philip certainly has a “way with words” and his new book is easy to read and full of deep and meaningful questions, but the difference with this book is that he also includes simple exercises to help you find the answers! It’s all well and good to read about someone else’s great insights and hope to learn from their experiences, but Philip knows we must experience it ourselves and he wants us, the reader, to learn from our own life, not his.

Philip includes some of his own experiences, some will make you laugh and others will make you cry as you recognize your own life in his words and you will realise that we aren’t so different after all. We all have our hopes and fears and judge the present by the past, but we can still be a part of a brighter future. This book will inspire you to take that first fearful step of your predestined journey called life. It will help you to find out “who you really are” by recognizing “who you really aren’t”.

We do not have to accept everything that we read as truth and we all have our own philosophies on life, but Philip J Bradbury’s book will ask you questions you may not have even thought of asking yourself. We also all have our own life journey and Philip’s book helps us to find out not only who we are and who we want to be, but also what we may encounter along the way.

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