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Spiritual Basketball

Alim Hagan

Copyright 2010 By Alim Hagan

Smashwords Edition

In the beginning, the Cosmic Baller breathed air into the basketball and said, “Let the games begin.” Then the Cosmic Baller said, “Let there be rhythm (Dr. J) to the game. Let there be a non-local reality (Jordan) to the game. Let there be heart (Iverson) in the game. Then the Great One said, “Let the game have miracles (Magic).” Finally, the Cosmic Baller said, “Let there be an indomitable will (Kobe) to my game.”

And so…it was.


The year was 1975. That was the year my brother Curtiss Lee put a basketball in my hands. My love for basketball was born on that day. Day in and day out I played basketball. My love for my big brother Curtiss is what drove me to be the best. My brother was really good in basketball although he never excelled in organized basketball because he had many other interests. However he taught me the many levels of the game. As my mind races back I think of the many coaches that influenced my basketball career and one theme stands out, Anger. I can’t recall one of my coaches in thirteen years who taught with love and compassion. Year after year my love for the game of basketball dwindled because of that anger. It wasn’t until I discovered the spiritual and mental dimensions of basketball that I regained that love. I realized the dimensions have one goal and it transcends coaching and living in fear. That goal is perfect harmony with the game.

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