Arcane Sampler

Edited by Nathan Shumate

Copyright Cold Fusion Media Empire/contributor 2011

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Arcane Sampler


Editor’s Note by Nathan Shumate

“Hazards” by Justin Pollock

“Darnell Behind Glass” by Jeff Crook

“The Mine” by Jason V. Shayer

“Ricky and the Elder Gods” by S.M. Williams

“Gingerbread and Ashes” by Jaelithe Ingold

“Dear Management” by Tom Wortman

“In the Place Where the Tree Falleth” by Michael Lutz

“Laundry Night” by Stephen Hill

“Hello Operator” by Donny Waagen

“Courting the Queen of Sheba” by Amanda C. Davis

“A Requiem for Tarsenesia” by William Knight

“The Hole” by Rob Errera

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