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Africa, Africa!

Frederic Hunter

Copyright Frederic Hunter 2000

Published by Cune Press Publishing at Smashwords

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Praise for Africa, Africa!

A sparkling cluster of often poignant tales, told with insight and compassion. They paint an exuberant palette of Africa and its people, overflowing with grace, color and vitality, yet caught in a struggle for dignity and identity in an age that destroys stabilizing traditions. Hunter treads gently but surely between dream and reality. A highly readable, entertaining book.”

——David Anable, President, International Center for Journalists

Africa, Africa! is a finely honed collection of stories that evoke the magic of a mysterious and beautiful continent. Fred Hunter introduces us to people and places that are enchanting and dangerous, to a series of deep pools in which we glimpse universal humanity reflected. As you finish one story, you want to start the next.”

——Robert Swanson, former writer/producer Murder, She Wrote

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