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The Beauty and Utility of Simplicity

The secret to ebook formatting success is “Keep it Simple!” Unnecessarily complex formatting or layout will hinder the readability of your ebook.

Remember that readers will read your book for the magic of your words. You want your formatting and styling to make your words more accessible to the reader.

Simplicity doesn’t mean you must format your book as plain text or make it “dumb” or “lacking styling” As you’ll learn in the sections that follow, Smashwords supports sophisticated, customizing styling, but like all good things in life, you should use styling in moderation. Although we’ll show you how to apply custom paragraph styling, try to minimize the number of styles, because too many styles can make your text appear busy. If your current formatting includes more than five or ten custom paragraph styles, you’re asking for trouble. I’ll teach you more about styling options in Step 7.

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AutoVetter Helps You Identify Common Formatting Errors:

AutoVetter is your friend.

AutoVetter is our automated formatting checker that inspects your book the moment you upload it. AutoVetter provides you instant feedback regarding potential formatting problems. If you get AutoVetter messages, don’t despair! They’re easy to fix.

The AutoVetter messages will be reported to you on your publish confirmation page (the page that appears after your Meatgrinder conversion completes), and also at the top of your book page and in a publish-confirmation email. You can also access the AutoVetter messages from your Dashboard after you publish, underneath the “Premium Status” column. If the Dashboard link reads, “requires modification,” click the link.

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