Your ebook is published by you (the author or publisher) at Smashwords.

Although not required, we recommend you place either Smashwords Edition on the copyright page, or "Published by [Authorname] at Smashwords," (remove the quote marks and brackets), or, “Distributed by Smashwords,” or, if you’re a multi-author publisher, Published by [the name of the publisher publishing it on Smashwords] at Smashwords. This identifies Smashwords as the originator of your book when it’s distributed, and helps make Smashwords accountable to retailers and customers for any file errors. By naming Smashwords you also identify yourself as part of the world’s largest community of indie authors which includes many New York Times and USA Today bestsellers.

Although some Smashwords authors consider Smashwords their publisher, we consider you the publisher. Smashwords is your distributor, and your ebook publishing platform.

Avoid long copyright pages. Shorter is better because it allows the reader to start reading your book faster.

A title/copyright page requires the following:

Book Title


Published by Firstname Lastname [or PublisherName] at Smashwords(without the bold)

(or, alternatively, if you don’t want to use the “Published by...” line, add the words, Smashwords Edition on the next line, or Distributed by Smashwords. We recommend you select one of the above options, but this is optional and not required)

Copyright 2010 Authorname

(Optional: if you have multiple titles at Smashwords, write:)

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