Dear Diary (A Domestic Discipline Tale)

Copyright 2015 by Angela Rose

Smashwords Edition

This book contains explicit material not suitable for those under eighteen. All characters are fictional, and all acting characters in this book are over the age of eighteen. This book is copyrighted and should not be distributed unless a separate copy as been purchased by each party. Thank you for respecting the work of this author.

When people make poor choices, they often become victims of those choices. This is the case when Nicole throws her morals out the window to explore illicit connections online. The affair itself, though shallow and rooted in mere desire for passion amidst her prosaic life, spurs her husband to take action. In a cruel hand of fate, he will also endure the weight of her mistakes. Explicit Content 18+

Nicole has recorded her thoughts in the small book for years. From the joyous events that decorated her life, to the very personal hardships and frustrations. In her current state of affairs, she begins recording detailed descriptions of a taboo, pen-pal type affair. What if her husband finds out? Does she secretly want him to?

She stood in front of the sink full of dishes with her hands still holding the soapy sponge. His narrow lips barely graced hers as he leaned in to kiss her good-bye. It was the same tired routine as every other day. The banal suburban existence that made up 95% of her life. Still, her pulse sped, knowing she would be talking with her admirer very soon. The days of pulling her husband closer, and telling him that she wished he could just stay home from work to be with her, were over.

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