All the metal things were taken in order to turn into weapons. Not enough woods to make house warm~~~not enough foods to feed starved Koreans.

My mom often told me she did not like winter because the ground was frozen and too cold. There was hardly anything to make warm for human bodies. There was hardly anything to feed for people who were not taken, but remaining in the bloody land.

Another reason my mom did not like winter was because she could not dig the ground to find something to eat,

~~~unlike the ground in summer or fall when she went out to get wild herbs and fruits.

I often envisioned my mother as a poor little girl wearing dirty old clothes,

~~~ having holes here and there and shapeless clothes falling off from her small yellow and skinny body.

Her skeletal body posture may look either huddled or crouching with her dusty bare feet.


So, when she had nothing to eat, she prayed with her two little hands gathered— before she went to the bed—so that she could have a dream of eating one big bowl of rice in her dream that she could not have in her real life.

She prayed,

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