The Dangers of Medical Radiation

It is one of the ironies of medicine that radiation, as in x-rays, CT scans, radiation therapy and nuclear medicine can cause cancer yet can be used to detect and treat cancer. Perhaps because of this irony, most of us know very little about radiation dangers. Often we simply trust our doctors and caregivers to do what is right. In the majority of cases, this mutual trust system works well.

What happens when the system fails?

A recent study suggests that 15,000 people are projected to die within the coming years from the radiation they received from x-ray procedures!

How can we protect ourselves?

There have been reports of patients experiencing serious radiation overdose causing reddening of the skin, hair loss, cataract formation, or burns that cannot heal.

A lack of knowledge will not protect you!

Radiation cannot be seen, felt, tasted or heard and organ and tissue damage from radiation, and radiation-induced cancer, may take years or even decades to manifest.

The dangers are real!

Last year 3000 patients were treated for serious radiation burns at a wound care facility.

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