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The Magi of Futurity is a simple, sweet story that answers some of the most basic questions all seekers of happiness are hoping to find.

1Inspiration for this book was provided by the following people and entities:

Ted and Jory, the loves of my life.

Wini, my sweet friend who passed into spirit in 2005.

Sabe, the Force of the Future, as articulated through Sheradon Bryce.

Abraham, as articulated through Esther and Jerry Hicks, a Teacher of Teachers who expounds the Science of Deliberate Creation utilizing the Law of Attraction.

Tobias of the Crimson Circle who always makes me laugh.

Kryon of Magnetic Service who often makes me shed joyful tears.

Dorothy and Winslow Schlosser, wonderful angels who coined the phrase, “I Love My Life!”

Part One - Magi Endreema

A Child’s Prayer

1There once was a young girl who longed to know the secrets of life and happiness. She had read stories about people who had special magical friends who came to tell them about such things. But when she asked her mother about these legends, her mother only said, “Silly girl, you’re old enough to know now that things like that only happen in story books. They are merely figments of the imagination of those who write such stories.”

“So you mean there are no such things as magic fairies, or genies, or wizards.”

“Only in your dreams, Sweetie, not in real life,” replied her mother. Still the girl wished it could be real somehow. So as she closed her eyes each night to sleep, she said this prayer:

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