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While the vast majority of species in the universe are content on taking cruises which visit beautiful planets that offer excitement and adventure, there is always a slight minority of every species that wishes to take a cruise that offers no excitement or adventure at all. These travelers prefer a vacation that has a routine, something that will never take them out of their element by much. It's for this same exact reason The Outer-Universe Cruise Ship Mardis Gras was created, the prices run higher than the usual inter-universe cruise, but the tourists that are willing to shell out their hard earned credits are never in short supply.

Unlike other cruises that offer many spectacular views, the Mardis Gras offers two views. The port side offers the ever astonishing view of the deep black nothing which one sees at the end of the universe. While the starboard side offers a grand distant view of the universe and all its galaxies as a whole. Surprisingly, or not surprisingly, depending on how one looks at it, the port side view costs more than the starboard side. That side of the ship tends to be bought up by well-known artists and musicians that thrive on the deep nothingness of empty space that lies just beyond their window.

In fact, the cruise ship would have been decommissioned due to lack of funds if it wasn't for the interview of musician Thraxl Grost in “Bleeding Ears” magazine. When he was asked as to where he got the inspiration for his supremely depressing, triple plutonium selling album “The Heartless Void”, he babbled on for hours about the cruise he took. Once word spread of the inspiration the view of emptiness provided him, artists of all types flocked to the ship, as did their fans, hoping to catch a glimpse of stars other than what their moderately lower priced cabin views of the universe would give them.

With all the services the Mardis Gras provides, services such as dinner, music, comedy and various other acts that have remained the same throughout the lifetime of the ship. There is only one constant inconstant service that the ship provides, and that's a Mardis Gras celebration held every other day along the main corridor, which stretches all of the way from the stern to the bow of the ship. This corridor, which is so aptly named Bourbon Street, was named in honor of the famous street found in a quaint Earth city called New Orleans.

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