A Brief History Of The Incas:

From Rise, Through Reign, To Ruin

Brien Foerster

Copyright Brien Foerster 2011


This book is lovingly dedicated to Marjorie “Tippy” Fuchs, who along with her husband Dick were great supporters of my artistic endeavors for decades. Tippy died during the writing of this story, and she was a great supporter and benefactor of Native people and their culture wherever she traveled.

I also want to thank my Mother, Ann, for her enduring love and support in everything that I have ever done or thought, Jim Gilbert, my surrogate uncle who fanned the embers of my early love of Native art, my father Darryl for his impeccable intellect and “old world” gentry qualities, and my blessed Irene for her amazing natural intelligence, warm heart, and wonderful infectious laughter. And finally, to the Inca themselves, whose true wisdom and wondrous accomplishments will not only withstand the tests of time, but will shine as beacons to future generations of how special humanity is as a creation of the divine source, the Sun beyond the sun.

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