It was big, bigger than I had ever dreamed or anticipated. I had heard of them this size before. Read about them in the dirty magazines I secretly kept hidden under my mattress and even joked about them with my girlfriends late at night at the bar, yet I never thought out of all the men in the world, that he would be the one to be blessed so big, huge, and thick.

This was nothing like the others I had seen before. The pervious men, who later became boys in my past, those that brought me maybe a few seconds of bliss before becoming forgotten names, no, this was nothing like any of them.

This was no penis… this was a hardcore cock.

Yet how? I kept asking myself, how could I have never noticed? I thought, how could I have not noticed that my childhood friend, the man that stood by me when others faltered had in his possession such a God given gift? I asked myself only to sudden come back to the moment when I heard him moan deeply against me.

Mm, fuck,” I heard him growl as he pressed me up against the side of the building, the dark, empty alleyway between the bar and an abandoned building, forcing his legs against me as he slapped the underside of his cock against my exposed bellybutton.

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