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You may like to chant for a minute to focus the mind. Aum is the universal sound and can be chanted once or several times all in the same key. Then listen to the silence that follows.

Meditation is all about listening to God. You can pray all you like, but in meditation you listen. Hear only from Him. Feel His peace as your own.

You can also meditate from your heart. Imagine a beautiful blossom opening up inside you. Feel the love expand. Offer gratitude for all your blessings.

Thank God for all He gives you. Become one with the eternal smile.

2: Nature

There is a purity and simplicity in nature that soothes the soul. Whether it is a murmuring brook, an elegant white birch or a tiny Mayflower, something in their essence speaks to us. In them, we feel connected to a deep primal source.

Take a walk alone in the woods. Be silent with your thoughts. Hear the birds singing. Feel the wind and the sun. Watch the clouds move across the sky, forming shapes before your eyes.

Find a wild flower and look at it from ground level. Appreciate its beauty. Sit beneath a tree, feel its sturdy bark. Look up at the limbs stretching to the sky. Sense the deep roots beneath the earth.

Walk beside the water. Listen to the sound. Feel its coolness. Be still and feel one with its essence. Every day find some way to connect with nature, even if it is a single rose in your garden. That rose is you.

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