What Reviewers and Readers are saying about Mortal Touch...

I think you’ll be genuinely surprised by some of the twists. Regan is a sympathetic heroine, and Arthen’s variation on traditional vampire lore is fresh and well thought-out. The story riveted my attention throughout.”

~~~~Margaret M. Carter, News from the Crypt No. 25

Mortal Touch is an intriguing vampire adventure. Regan has worked hard to get her life back on track, but somehow trouble has found her once again. In this tension filled paranormal tale, Ms. Arthen develops a nicely detailed world with captivating characters and fascinating twists on vampirism. With a touch of mystery, suspense and passion, this is a wonderful escape from the ordinary.”

~~~~Kimberly Swan, Darque Reviews

The author has done an admirable job of portraying the challenges of running a small retail business in a very accurate manner. She also does a great job of bringing a ocultic subject into the realm of reality. Her characters develop nicely and her points of view work out nicely. We rated this novel five hearts.” referred to Book Sense as a Recommended Read

~~~~Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

The story comes alive, riddled with just enough creepiness to enjoy but not so much as to keep the reader awake at night...Inanna Arthen explores vampires in the modern world, attempting to account for both the mundane details and the supernatural, and she does so with relish. She makes vampires seem real, even approachable. That’s what is so creepy about this book. You finish it and think - Oh, man! That is too real! I did not want to put Mortal Touch down until I had finished it.”

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