Accessing your Point of Power During Loss

A Story Of The Love That Took Them Home

As we approach 2012 and the energy accelerates – so does our stress. Stress is loss. This book is about loss. My story speaks of the loss of life but the methods used to cope with those losses are applicable to any loss which may come your way. In today's world these methods can be especially relevant.

Many of you feel grief in response to your loss of a vital relationship or your security due to the loss of your homes or livelihood. Some of you may even be experiencing a decrease in your self esteem in response to these losses which can eventually lead to a loss of your faith.

In this story I invite you to see the opportunity for change and transformation that is offered through loss.  You will be introduced to methods which are easily applied and empower you to become a student of your loss as opposed to a victim of it.

Although this work is copyright protected I offer it free of charge. My hope is this material gets out to those who might benefit.

Please feel free to email it to anyone who you think may find comfort and/or guidance in this story.

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