About this Partly Revised 2015 Edition

This revised international edition was partly completed in 2002, and has been partly modified for this 2012 edition, now being published in 2015. To preserve the book’s original flavor and passion, the author has refrained from letting post-publication doubts or afterthoughts blight the fresh and inspired language of the original; like Jacques Derrida, the author believes that once something is written, it is written, and must be respected for giving voice to that moment in time, its mood, its particular circumstances. However, a few chapters have been rearranged and additional material presented in the form of Appendices.

The author considers the Glossary, Footnotes [now incorporated into the text], Notes, the Author’s Disclaimer, and the Appendices to be integral parts of the revised book, parts that will help in the fuller appreciation of the whole.

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About this Partly Revised 2015 Edition

Author’s Disclaimer



Impressing the Whites: The International Dynamics of Race Today

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