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Amazon Love Slaves

Smashwords edition

Copyright 2011

By Slave Kala

Ashrine (-te){-che}- (noun & verb)

An Amazon word: no exact translation is possible, but it would roughly equate to cherished loved one\slave I own (both meanings being simultaneous). However that is only an approximate translation. It is definitely a form of address denoting love, not affection or even caring but the blinding all consuming love that can override all other considerations. It is used roughly as the address beloved, or dearest, but is considered more powerful than that. In essence it denotes a level of feeling where a person would happily take a knife thrust for the other, or conversely murder in a jealous rage any competition for their lovers affections. Such a person would take any object owned by their Ashrine without bothering to ask, for the simple reason that as far as both parties are concerned what belongs to one belongs to both, so they would not consider such objects to be anything but their property.

This love is rare, as true love is. Being someones mate doesnt mean they are your Ashrine, even a lover wouldnt necessarily be one; in fact most Amazons go their whole lives without encountering Ashrine-te.

The word of course can be used simply as an endearment, or a form of address between lovers who have decided they are indeed Ashrine to each other; there is even a ritual one can go through formally recognizing this fact, although it is by no means required. All that is truly necessary is for the two involved to decide they do indeed have that level of love for each other. Of course the endearment would not be used causally until such a discussion had been held.

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