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Cover Design: Darren G. Burton

The Mysterious Cave

The sun was dropping low in the western sky, causing the endless forest of pine trees on the left to cast long, jagged shadows across the road. The silver four wheel drive’s fat tyres hummed on the bitumen as it sped along.

“Slow down a bit,” Caleb said to Josh. Josh eased up on the accelerator and let the vehicle coast. “The turn off should be just up ahead here somewhere.”

Josh and Caleb had been best mates since they were five years old, so at nineteen they’d known each other most of their lives. Sitting in the back were their girlfriends; blonde Tamara, who was dating Josh, and brunette Angie. Both girls were a year younger than the guys.

When Caleb pointed to a dirt road that split the trees up ahead on the left, Josh braked and eased the vehicle onto the road - or track really - and followed it on its winding path. Pine trees bordered in both sides of the rutted, bumpy roadway and the four wheel drive bounced and jostled its way along. Up ahead, looming above the trees, was a large hill, also dotted with pines and other trees in places.

“That’s where it is,” Caleb informed everyone. “At the bottom of that hill.”

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