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Taking a Chance

By Eviant

Copyright ã 2011 by Eviant

Smashwords Edition

This story is entirely fictional. Any resemblance to real people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Chapter 1

"Damn rain!" Jane Bennington grumbled as she slogged through the puddles and mud coagulating on the sidewalk. It had been raining for three days straight and while Jane typically loved the rain, she was over it. Over it! Jane continued to grumble as she reached the bus stop that was thankfully covered. She squeezed in among the group of people packed into the enclosure and looked at her watch. She was going to be late.

The bus finally arrived ten minutes later and she gratefully took a seat and started digging through her backpack for her cell phone. She pulled it out and flipped it open only to find that it was dead. She had just charged it the night before, but the battery wasn't holding a charge. She let her head fall back on the headrest and rolled her head towards the window. She absolutely despised being late.

Twenty minutes later, and half an hour after she was scheduled to arrive, she finally reached the North Carolina State Library where she worked as a librarian. She wiped her feet off as best she could on the mat outside and cringed at her reflection in the automatic doors. Her Doc Martens were covered in mud and she looked like a bedraggled street person. She was assaulted by the air conditioning as she walked inside and shivered at the temperature difference.

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