“Why I am Not a Hindu is a book every rationalist should have on his bookshelves.”

--The Modern Rationalist, Chennai, India.

“For the students of religion on the one hand and for agnostics and atheists on the other, this book is priceless, and for the ordinary reader it is thought provoking to say the least.”

--The Hindustan Times, Patna, India.

“Professor Ramendra's bold manifesto in which he explains why he rejects the doctrine of the infallibility of the Vedas, varnashram dharma, moksha, karmavada, and avatarvada.”

--The Secular Web


Why I am Not a Hindu

by Dr. Ramendra

rev 20.04.13

Print edition first published in 1993

Second edition1995

Third revised edition 2011

Published by the Buddhiwadi Foundation

Copyright Ramendra 1993-2013


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