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The Tree Crimson

Ella Johnson

Copyright 2011 by Ella Johnson

Smashwords Edition

How important were trees to the creator of the universe? It would seem the survival and well being of mankind was often akin to the forests, which usually surrounded him.

The Garden of Eden was endowed with varieties of trees from every species, known and unknown to mankind today. However, the emphasis was on one tree, the Tree Of Knowledge and of Good And Evil. The Tree Of Life, being the only two trees in the Garden God had instructed Adam and Eve not to eat the fruit from.

Noah was instructed by God to build an Ark for a divine appointment of Gods’ cleansing of the earth. Noah and his sons built the Ark from Gopher Wood. A Gopher Wood Tree preserved salvation for all mankind’s good preserving man and the animals. Wood was burned on an alter by Noah after departing from the Ark giving a praise and thanks to God’s preservation of mankind.

Unfortunately, Eve and Adam did eat of the fruit of the Tree Of Knowledge of Good and evil. Therefore, they brought sin and a curse on themselves and the earth and all things on the earth. God instructed them to leave the Garden Of Eden by putting two angels with flaming swards across the entrance.

The wood from the trees became firewood and construction for shelter.

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