Harbordale Heartbreaker

Kate M. North

About Harbordale Heartbreaker

Every woman’s had her heart broken, but only a few can blame it on a rock star.

This is not a fact Madeline Parker, small town diner owner and pie maker extraordinaire, openly shares, nor is it a part of her history she's excited to relive. But when Lucas Shayne, Madeline's sexy high school boyfriend, returns to Harbordale for their ten year reunion, Madeline can't avoid their tangled past. Inundated with everything from posters to parades, it seems no matter where Maddy turns she's reminded of the only man to ever break her heart.

Tired of the vapid, money-driven lifestyle of Los Angeles, Luke is eager to return to his hometown. That is, until he’s reminded of why he left. Madeline Parker isn’t excited to see him and she’s not making any effort to hide it. But Luke isn’t easily deterred by her dirty looks and snappy remarks. In fact, he’s finding her indifference rather sexy, a detail that only fuels Maddy’s annoyance.

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